About Us

Almost all aspects of Balinese life are done with art. As you can see how unique the design of the Balinese house architecture is, the temple with many statues with high artistic value to our ceremony which always shows art sense within it.

We feel very proud to be part of Bali and we want to continue to preserve the uniqueness of Bali. In addition, we also want to introduce Bali to the world through the works of the community.

Pujis Fine Art is an online gallery that offers you original Balinese Painting. Our mission is to help the Balinese artists and bring their work to all over the world.

Pujis Fine Art is located at Br. Jeleka, Batuan Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar, Bali – Indonesia in correlation with infamous Dewa Putu Toris Gallery.